(Vigna mungo L. Phaseolus mungo var. radiatus Linn.)

I. Application and Amplification of General Seed Certification Standards The General Seed Certification Standards are basic, and together with the following specific standards constitute the standards for certification of black-gram or urd seed.

II. Land Requirements Land to be used for seed production of black-gram shall be free of volunteer plants.

III. Field Inspection A minimum of two inspections shall be made. the first during flowering and the second at maturity before harvesting.

IV. Field Standards

A. General Requirements

1. Isolation Black-gram or urd seed fields shall be isolated from the contaminants shown in column I of the Table below by the distances specified in column 2 and 3 of the said Table.

Contaminants Maximum Distance (Meters)  
  Foundation Certified
1 2 3
Fields of other varieties 20 10
Fields of the same variety not conforming to varietal purity requirements for certification 20 10

B. Specific Requirements
Factor Maximum Permitted (%) 
  Foundation Certified
Off types 0.10 0.20

V. Seed Standards
Contaminants Maximum Distance (Meters)  
  Foundation Certified
1 2 3
Pure seed (minimum) 98.0% 98.0%
Inert matter (maximum) 2.0% 2.0%
Other crop seeds (maximum) 5/kg 10/kg
Other distinguishable varieties (maximUIT 10/kg 20/kg
Weed seeds (maximum) 5/kg 10/kg
Germination including hard seeds (minimum) 75/0% 75.0%
Moisture (maximum) 9.0% 9.0%
For vapour-proof containers (maximum) 8.0% 8.0%