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Department : Food Security & Agriculture Development Department
Scheme Name : National Food Security Mission
Group Name : National Food Security Mission (NFSM)
Short Description : NFSM launched in October 2007. The Mission is being continued during 12th Five Year Plan with new targets of additional production of food grains of 25 million tons of food grains comprising of 10 million tons rice, 8 million tons of wheat, 4 million tons of pulses and 3 million tons of coarse cereals by the end of 12th Five Year Plan. The National Food Security Mission (NFSM) during the 12th Five Year Plan will have five components (i) NFSM- Rice; (ii) NFSM-Wheat; (iii) NFSM-Pulses, (iv) NFSM-Coarse cer
Type of Assistance : 1. Cluster Demonstration 2. Seed distribution 3. Delivery of input supply 4. Distribution of equipments 5. 4-season based training 6. Distribution of WHS/Seed storage facility
Criteria For Assistance : 1. Farmer gets Rs.5/kg under HYV AND Rs.20/kg under Hybrid as cost of seed and various inputs 2. Farmer gets Rs.5/kg under HYV and Rs.20/kg under Hybrid as cost of seed 3. Farmer gets various inputs such as micro-nutrient/liming material/plant Protection inputs per their application 4. Cono-weeder/Knapsack Sprayer etc to the beneficiaries 5. Comprehensive training for farmers in each cluster 6. WHS-Rs20000/tank distribution of high volume metal seed storage of 1 metric ton capacity
Scheme-Component: 1. Cluster Demonstration 2. Seed distribution of HYV and Hybrid seeds 3. Plant and soil protection measures 4. Resource conservation techniques and tools. 5. Cropping system based training 6. Local initiatives
Financial Year: 2014-2015
Whom To Contact: 1. Shri T.T. Lepcha (9474059458) 2. Smt Asha Lama (9474651223) 3. Shri C.K. Pradhan (9832499807) 4. Smt Tshering Phuti (9733301661)
Department : Food Security & Agriculture Development Department
Scheme Name : Extension Reforms
Group Name : Support To State Extension Programme For Extension Reforms
Short Description : Extension Reforms is for the transfer of technology to the farmers. State Agriculture Management & Training Institute (SAMETI) is the State Level Institution catering to the training and HRD needs of extension functionaries. At the district level there are Agriculture Technology Management Agency (ATMA) is responsible for coordination and management of agriculture extension related work. There are four ATMAs in the state viz. North, East, South, and West. At the block level there are Block Technology tea
Type of Assistance : 1. Training outside state within state within district 2. Organizing Demonstration 3. Farmers to farmers technology dissemination the demonstration plot 4. Explore visit outside state. Within state Within district 5. Mobilization of group (SHGs, FIGs, CIGs etc) Seed money/Revolving Fund 6. Farms school, farms school teacher will be the farmers selected by the farmers group 7. Reward and incentives to the best organized group representing different enterprises 8. Farmers award best farmers repress
Criteria For Assistance : 1. Rs 1000/farmers/day Rs 750/farmers/day Rs400 farmers/day 2. Rs 4000/- demonstration 3. Rs1500/- for 50 no of farmer 4. Rs 600/farmer/day Rs 30/ farmers/day RS 250/ farmers/day 5. Rs. 5OOO/-group (10 to 20 members) Rs. 10,000/-group 6. Rs.29,440/- 7. Rs- 20000/ 8. Rs-20000/-
Scheme-Component: 1. The assistance includes banner honorarium to resources person writing ,pen, pencil, food, lodging and travel charges 2. The assistance includes cost of inputs and honorarium to resources person 3. The assistance includes banner, writing pad, pens and refreshments 4. The assistance includes banner, travelling changes food and lodging. 5. The assistance includes banner, honorarium to resource person writing pad, pen, pencils, food, lodging and travel charges\ It is a hand holding support Which needs to
Financial Year: 2014-2015
Whom To Contact: 1. Project Director ATMA North (9434164453) 2. Project Director ATMA East- (9474651223) 3. Project Director ATMA South - (9434722277) 4. Project Director ATMA West- (9733301661) 5. Deputy Project Director North- (9593789928) 6. Deputy Project Director East 9647882624 7. Deputy Project Director South-- (9609861951) 8. Deputy Project Director West- (9434217895)
Department : Food Security & Agriculture Development Department
Scheme Name : Agriculture Census
Group Name : Agriculture Census
Short Description : Data collection for Operational Holding, Operational Area, Cropping Pattern, Size of Holding, and category of farmers (SC/ST/Others & Institutional)
Type of Assistance : 1. Total operational holding 2. Operated Area 3. Cropping in pattern 4. Size of Holding 5. Category of Framer 6. Area under different crop
Criteria For Assistance : NA
Scheme-Component: 1.Data collection through field staff posted in different GPU of the state. 2. Schedules and instruction Manuals along with training are provided by the department
Financial Year: 2014-2015
Whom To Contact: N.K. Gurung(9434408230)
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